DC 1309 Alastair Crawford Cleveland Police-UK Caught Red Handed

DC 1309 Alastair Crawford Cleveland Police-UK Caught Red Handed

DWP intervened in UK LAW COURTS decision Removes PSYCHOTIC cause the judge MOSES, had No Evidence of it,Now Gives Neil Scott His bus licence back. http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/local-news/middlesbrough-mans-conviction-wrecking-spree-3685021

Neil Scott a Psychotic was Asked by a doctor Medical details For his Medical assessment for a BUS LICENCE Entitlement as from 22 September 2014. Would you believe a Psychotic this. Irts like Asking Murderers in jail to fill out a Self assessment as to Guilt.or innocence.

. This is the same Police force who Falsified Forensics evidence against me with Sean Prices knowledge of all this in OPERATION SACRISTY.
http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/disgraced-cleveland-police-chiefs-sean-7412332. Same Cheifs received. £460,000 Paid to Cheif Officers for Being BENT and SACKED.as well as the rest of the offences committed over ten years against NEIL SCOTT with 23 false arrests,22 lost at courts,for ONE conviction based on blood the arresting Detective Altered,Handled as Written for 6 judges to Read.and Andy McDonald MP knew About.

Its also now Evidence that the judges Who refused my appeal did so without correct authority to do so judges MOSES,Dobbs,Gordon were at fault for Stoppng my human rights to an appeal with Legal Aid. Which is now in dispute as. DWP have taken me from ESA or any other disability help since the Conviction in 2009,because I refused Any tablets or medical help from the court appointed Psychologists at court or after court ordered medications at PARKSIDE Medical Centre attached to the JAMES COOK hospitals protecting Corrupt Police officers on. TEESIDE.MIDDLESBROUGH.


Scott claimed at the trial – and continued in his appeal application hearing – that he was framed by Cleveland Police after a prolonged dispute with a former senior officer in the force.

But Judges Gordon,Moses,Dobbs,rejected all of his criticisms of the trial and upheld the conviction. “The fact is that this was an overwhelming prosecution case that took the jury a very short time to decide,” the appeal judge told the court.

Not According to the DWP 3 years later.

There was a psychiatric report which counsel was duty-bound to use in sentencing to save his client from an otherwise inevitable immediate custodial sentence and he did so Without Neil Scott Ordering him to do so Committing Perjury.

“That report indicates the appellant suffers from a paranoid psychotic illness, involving a number of delusional beliefs, centring around the retired officer.


“In our judgment, that explains the course the trial took and the nature of the grounds and written arguments in this application.

“We accept the appellant may genuinely and passionately believe in the conspiracy, but we are entirely satisfied the belief is delusional. There are no grounds that can be argued and, accordingly, this application is dismissed.”

Along with Operation Lancett Files Requests,CCTV Footage requests.

This was done on the Day when I arrived to give my evidence.

Corrupt. @ClevelandPolice. Who saw Fit to Stop any appeal which brings into Doubt the falsified forensics evidence that Convicted me of a Crime I did not Do.


This is about Neil A Scott of Middlesbrough,he is a Fully Qualified Bus and Coach driver with a Full Clean Licence,ten years No Claims insurance,the perpetrators of the Claims were known to him and were instrumental in Making Neil Scotts career disappear,without Good reason,he had NO Convictions before 2009,before Burglary Claims of Cleveland Police,although they did Try and Convict Neil Scott 23 Times WITHOUT SUCCESS.All Un-Successfull attempts previous to slander Neil Scott to his Employers,before burglary were given out to every Employer,all were un-convicted offences as an innocent Man fighting a Corrupt justice System before Operation Sacristy and After Operation lancett Enquiries.

The Photograph At the Top of the PAGE is the 2 testimony of lies from G4S officers representing the Lawful officers of cleveland police fraudsters,the full disclosure, the laws they represented at the time.

Police Threats,intimidation,Continues and is a daily routine. https://fbcdn-photos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/t1.0-0/q77/s480x480/10526169_311136162381393_3771469260683665965_n.jpg.

Erimus housing now THIRTEEN GROUP housing are also involved with daily threats. https://fbcdn-photos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-0/q71/s480x480/1797370_311136159048060_5690914295640485354_n.jpg

DON’T FALL FOR THE BULLSHIT OF THE TEESSIDE CROWN COURTS if they continue to ignore my appeal at Court and my human rights to appeal and claim legal aid.
There Probably Corrupted as freemason,by Criminals.

Take a close look.

Criminals control freemasons. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/revealed-how-gangs-used-the-freemasons-to-corrupt-police-9054670.html

ACPO said All police Should Share your memberships and interests in Teesside and the rest of the Country.
I’m not interested in the Criminals who infiltrated Police or judges doctors Etc,the LAW Broke the LAW and I have Evidence of that.

DO EVERYTHiNG POSSIBLE, to see the Facts of a Teesside,
MISCARIAGE OF JUSTICE, misconduct in public office,
Purjury by Doctors and Psychologists,ALL protecting corrupt Police officers in a Court of law

,Actual Evidence from Witnesses,that can be shown, it all happened as its stated below,So Share this,to your friends,family,employers of Teesside.
I can Be Contacted at anytime to confirm this is true to the best of my Knowledge,and according to court documents,given by CPS in Middlesbrough,@ClevelandPolice officers who attended,and 16 witness Statements given at the time of 18 court appearances it took, to find me guilty of burglary that I didn’t do, by a jury,after 10 minutes,Shows it was all a Staged trial,using CJSSS community justice scheme of Mallons,
Why would I lie,I’ve served my sentence,of 2 years probation,

ACCUSED of 3 Burglaries at the Same Property 10 Milbrook ave brambles farm,Middlesbrough,Owned By steve Locke,an essex boy,With Convictions, the value of the damaged house at £160,000,when he only Paid £45,000 for the house,Whilst i was on QC SPITTLE Court ordered HOUSE ARREST
The toilet paper. @EveningGazette reported to pounce on the story for the criminal mayor Ray Mallon who also admitted 14 crimes as a Chief of the force who arrested me for this Crime,Burglary.

My appeal was Stopped as a disabled person court ordered Mentally deemed paranoid,delusional,PSYCHOTIC,which no doctor stated at this fraud burglary Court case.


With ONE Convicted only in 47 years ,based on one tested blood Sample,sg4,and later said to have been 3 samples, after 12 more court cases out of 16,said to have been found at a Burglary. Namely SG3,SG4.Sg5

I have always Maintained NONE of My Blood was EVER inside a Burglary or Any other Crime alleged against me.
It was taken from me at the Police station 48 hours After the fact,when I was arrested at,Middlehaven station.

I never cut or injured Myself close to that date.No Photographs exsist of any injuries.
Police said they found 3 type of blood.
Two went missing in transit to HQ Ladgate lane.
The police took my blood at the police station after my arrest,interveiw,at 1839pm they deny this of course.

In all of this Police still Continued to say I’ve No Blood Type.

No CCTV footage is available as usual which is a usual Problem when your Convicted of an offence by this authourity of criminal Mayor Ray Mallon

I had no alibi for that night as I live on my own,
I Had No Electricity, so I was in the dark,
they asked me if I’d watched TV that night, I did,at my ex partners home,tracy Kneeshaw,Previous to going home,at 12AM,
they asked this twice, they knew the Answer to it, They twisted it as if to say ” how can you watch tv without electric” they asked ” that night” I did watch tv “that NIGHT”before 1230am , I didn’t say ” AT HOME”.


This is What Cleveland Police Forensics called “The Line Of Continuity”


previous to this burglary arrest all the Previously undisclosed 23 false arrests aimed at stopping me driving buses and coaches for a living,
And a CICA claim that is worth over £100,000,which you cannot Claim with a conviction,None of this was given to the jury and none were Disclosed to. @ScotlandYard. national Computers in london as from 2008 when my CRB disclosure was cleared of all offences by officers of. @clevelandPolice in 2008,the burglary conviction was in 2010,to remove all evidence of the fact they lied to cover up corruption at the stations in statistics Abuses by this farce.

There’s Too much impropriety in this whole case to just ignore the facts that MP. @AndymcDonaldMP. @cleveland_PCC.barry coppinger also Middlesbrough councillors who refuse to except it. was Told about it ,in emails,Twitter,as @lauraneiltina3. Which I can prove,read on.

According to Teeside Crown Courts who have DEEMED this case a “NO AREA IN LAW CASE which is Total Corrupt protection bollocks”as there saying this as they have had solicitors +barristers making laws up for them so noone will be prosecuted for these Lies.

This Authourity have been Hiding the facts of corruption and for over the last 15 years,with over 65 court appearances,16 Court appearances Neil Scott he Had to attend,at NEIL SCOTTS £50,900 burglary case,alone costing £27,000 in legal aid and Rightly so.
It seems whatever I told my defence solicitors the police were given the option to answer the allegations from me,after the fact,costing taxpayers over a Million for one Conviction out of 23 arrests,FREERS,Barristers of Baker Street Middlesbrough,

An opportunity was given to cleveland police Defective Detectives to add on statements after Appearances which digs them a hole to offer an explanation for it,they came back with NEW ANSWERS,AFTER the ORIGINAL testimony for court,and they certainly took the opportunity to do so,again,covering up the original Lies at court.

Because of that the barrister looks professional as if it was Staged.

I believe its called CJSSS,getting their story right before a court trial before a jury seen the evidence at Teesside courts and DEEMING ME GUILTY Before a court of law deemed me guilt,that’s called getting the story clear in Teesside Crown Courts before they look so STUPID they cannot be denied as a barrister,representing a fruad case of. @ClevelandPolice frudsters. as usual.Another Ray Mallon Signature.

According to 16 witnesses Brought into this case,mostly,who didn’t turn up at court,and testimonies had to be read out,

They said,
SG4 Blood found convicted Me of Burglary

They said,2samples went missing in transit

They said. none of the 3 samples of blood found contained my blood type

I blamed RAY MALLON for the lot which I’m entitled to do, since he knew about CRB disclosures,in 2002,the fact Mayors dont get CRB checked,why he admitted 14 offences,the fact he bribed jack straw and Tony blair to loose his 14 admitted offences As mayor he doesn’t get a CRB check criminal records Check,neither do the doctors used in court,This case is what TEESIDE Crown Court,23march2009,The CPS Witnesses/Cleveland Police Defectives stated as there case for continuity..

The evidence given to Teeside Crown Courts were:..

That Two samples were taken from Neil scott on the Day of his Arrest,DNA and BLOOD,and only one sample was logged at the Middlehaven station.DNA,three samples were Delivered to Hq ladgate lane,only one was received, sg4,two went missing on delivery from north ormesby forensics collections,without CCTV security
Not Any Cleveland Police Scientific departments have Coverage of Forensics Evidence so tampering and Altering of forensics Evidence is NOT Captured on CCTV. https://fbcdn-photos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-0/q71/s480x480/1797370_311136159048060_5690914295640485354_n.jpg


I asked 45 actual questions.via FOI requests what do they know.
The police Said they found.


3 Samples of Blood,

This was shown to be more bollocks by there own Prosecution Witnesses statements.

i proved every theory the had that this case was conducted as bollocks.

.According to Corrupt Dc Crawford 1309 and Corrupt Dc 945 kellam chaytor who couldn’t be arsed to stick by his own Superior crawford to stand by him in witness statements alone , SG4 Blood was the only blood found that was tested,and found to be My blood..SG4….Although three samples were said to have been found at the scene of the burglary ,MISSING EVIDENCE.
After a search with alastair crawford only he admitted on his own he searched scotts property twice and without witnesses searched it again found trainers,tools that didn’t match any vandlism of the property,Actual testimonies from…

Then this from forensics representing corrupt cleveland detectives

.SOCO…..Green First forensics at the crime scene,stated he FIRSTLY found the 3 samples of blood (OR RED HEW)at the scene of 10 Milbrook ave,Brambles Farm Middlesbrough,Insured scene of Crime,
Also believed by green to be trace samples of Blood.or Paint.Stuart Green(forensics first on scene)on 23march2009, HE packs all three samples. TOGETHER. SG3/SG4/SG5, and put them into storage at an. Insecure(Stated) Forensics Lab.but NO-ONE says who took them there, STATEd at court, in North Ormesby Middlesbrough,,,,,from that lab,North ormesby labs said by GREEN stated as unsafe as any old officer could gain access to the labs as the Locks and Codes for the doors have never been changed since. The takeover by forensics labs.

jo PACEY(BSc footwear technician)stated on 18/02/2010,written testimony,some 11 months after the burglary,At 1445,23march2009 ewhern she Wrote her statement,she delivers the three samples of blood SG3/SG4/SG5(packed together)and photos all packed together to HQ ladgate lane,and delivers three samples to MILNER and Cockrain at hq ladgate lane, 0445pm 23march2009

Janice Milner(submissions unit manager) stated she only received one sample (NOT PACKED together)from Pacey,at 0453pm on 23march2009,SG4,then he sent SG4 to forensics,via courier so jo pacey was Full of Shit,Lying on oath to the court in her statments.

BEN Cockrain(digital imagine services operator) also stated that he receives from Pacey photographic evidence in a box,packed together,at 0453pm 23march2009. the one who didn’t lie.

DC Alistair Crawford DC 1309 (arresting officer), stated on 22/07/2009,some 4 months after the burglary,timed at 1739hrs and 1817 hrs,ref;M8/4668/09,AC/4 in his OWN Wrtitten testimony that contradicts his own witnesses……”there were blood samples recovered from 10milbrook ave and I sent them to forensics examination” ………he had blood SG4,at the Middlehaven police station on 23 march 2009,he also stated in the same testimony that: ……..”the blood from the radiator by the door was a match for SCOTT”….,,,,
Two arresting officers at first crawford then chaytor,chaytor gives no evidence at court at all,not even a statement as a Witness,on behalf of Crawford,himself Owning up to the Fact he Handled had the opportunity to Alter the forensics evidence at any time before forensics in weatherby had a chance to test the blood found.Without Any CCTV footage of Any incidents taken place at Any of the Scientific departments of Any ClevelandPolice force stations.


This is Crawfords testimony saying he went to 155 marshal ave to collect Samba trainers used to convict me,after my arrest,on his own,Without witnesses.

This is the courts letter when I asked for the testimony for DC Crawford that I have already just to find out if they would give me it.

After my arrest,
After being interviewed,
After my DNA was taken by G4S civilians,
After 1839pm,he stated,sent by him via a courier driver,
72hours after burglary occurred
4miles away from burglary

AND when police stated”the trainers went to court,they had paint on them,and DC CRAWFORD contradicted himself stating “YOU WASHED THEM”

G4S officer andy nichol(reliance secure task management) stated at court on the stand,on oath,that he was the officer who took DNA only at the police station, Middlehaven station,on 23march2009,after 1839PM
I denied this,stated Andy Nichols was not the officer who took blood and DNA from me at middlehaven,he had long hair,not bald like Andy Nichols,on 23march2009,the this Bald Headed bloke was the one who took DNA only off me at Middlhaven station on 5 august 2009,the second arrest,
All proved to be Shit testimony from accomplices.
Its all for the Money from court cases on allegations of crimes

AND,at NO POINT during these 15 court cases,with 3 samples of blood said to be found,they did NOT FIND OR MENTION MY BLOOD TYPE IN ANY of there statements of testimonies at court.
Was it blood they found or Paint this is a picture of paint spread all over the house.



They came back with another G4S officer sgd Adelle Flynn(custody admin)to back up the first G4S officer,Andy Nichols,she then stated, he’s telling the truth,and that it WAS indeed A Spriggs Roo39 that only took one DNA from me on 23march2009,
Who did not Log two samples at court,
you see the mistake they actually didn’t expect
The house was said to be flooded and covered with paint,that door had no paint on it with what police stated had scotts trainer samba print on it.
Paint was said By all involved to have been spread all over the house,

G4S officer A Flynn stated on 05/03/2010,some 12 months after the burglary, that she witnessed A Spriggs ROO39, as the officer on the 23 march 2009 took DNA sample from Neil scott and she referenced it as

. 17/M8/5440/09.BAR CODED 99244564
The G4S officer,A Spriggs(reliance secure risk management) stated 14/02/2010,some 11 months later,”it is fully covered with CCTV” on the 14/02/2010 that on 23march2009,the sample of DNA he took from me is

No CCTV Exsists.
They lost it Conveniently.

17/M8/5440/09. BAR CODED 99244864
As you can see there different references to A Spriggs testimony,(pictured above),


So why was Only one sample Logged at the time of 23 march 2009

https://fbcdn-photos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/c0.40.960.640/s320x320/576528_223847354420231_1418104477_n.jpg. Log of the stations DNA taken.OR Not as it seems.
I asked the police what were the two samples taken on 23 march 2009 and sample taken on 5-6 august 2009,they said there were both DNA taken at both dates,what I did not tell them was that the two samples i was
Refering to was statements of two G4S on the same day 23 march2009 so why take Two Dna on the same day 23march 2009,your fucking Liars,and that just proved it.get your checkbook out


No Blood TYPE was found in 3 samples of Blood said to have been found at the burglary because it takes an official request for blood samples blood Type,and the police could not afford that sort of trace,

So I wrote a FOI,request for missing CCTV footage,ETC, to cleveland police.

After a judge ordered 7 months of electronic Tagg at my home from 7am to 7pm+ 9am to 9pm,I’m blamed for two more burglaries at the same property according to the eviction civil court case during the conviction of Burglary,

Erimus Eviction
DC Crawford was a Witness At this court Case on Active Duty as a Payed Cleveland Police Officer in a Civil Court Hearing,this was an Insurance Scam,a Fraud,£160,800 Claimed with the help of Cleveland Police,this is his signed statement ge said I committed 3 Burglaries at the same address knowing I was on electronic G4S tagg for the whole of the court case.

Important Lead
I made a Freedom of information request to Cleveland Police for the CCTV footage held on all forensics evdence handleing by all officers of that force,this is a Letter telling me that at No time during the collection of forensics in my case was CCTV footage available to veiw,so at any time officers Could and DID Falsified the forensics swapping my blood for Blood said to have been found this is a serious Charge against them and I’ve asked for my whole case to be reveiwed again based on it.

This is a freedom of information request for two samples detrails of what was taken since NO CCTV footage was available

Cleveland Police:
ABOVE:On the 18 February 2012 I walked into the cleveland police station and made a final compliant to get this case looked into, a DIrect complaint that two officers DC Crawford,DC Chaytor falsified blood,I was refused a crime reference number,I did receive a number in a letter from Cleveland police CO/00427/10 -21 feb 2012 that matters relating to this case have been exhausted,
Not for me.

At NO time,can police Bring New evidence or statements into an APPEAL court after the original statements that convicted me.
I strongly Believe this is Why My APPEAL/LEGAL AID WAS REFUSED.

Erimus housing applied for an eviction at civil courts before,and Now, I was convicted of Burglary,the main evidence witnesses to the civil eviction was DC CRAWFORD,and the landlord was present at the case,HEARSAY in courts.


The landlord according to the land registry online stated the landlord was in debt with his mortgage before/during the burglary court case,
This can be checked at any time

The Landlord was reported for insurance fraud at cleveland police station by ME,at first the police didn’t want to know until I repeatedly reported it on crime Stoppers,his house has been unused for the last 8 weeks,24sept2012.
This is the pictures of £50,900 damage,Supposed,that the Landlord stated happened 3 times at the same address.
The Cleveland police refused to investigate Fruads,Especially when they ARE involved in it.


The landlord of the burglary made 2 more allegations of burglary at the same amount of damage done on 3 occasions to the value of £50,900,I was ordered to be on 7 months tagg electronic,G4S tagg,which I did not breach,even After the court case the old tenants told me the landlord asked them to consire against me and Make more allegations to have me arrested again,which was Mentioned to my probation offiicer.

The landlord
still has no alarm system in place at the house that was Burgled 3 TIMES.

3 samples of blood:
came from Billingham Police station according to pacey in her second witness statements for courts,nobody knows why.

Operation lancett:
files of officers and RAY MALLON LINKS that Should be linked to my 23 arrests Were asked for at court and WAS GRANTED by the judge,they CHANGED JUDGES Before QC Spittle, but was refused by judge spittle,and CPS,11may2010,he stated that RAY MALLON had NO CRiMiNAL RECORDeven when he admitted 14 out of 420 Crimes alleged against him,as a civilian he was Never arrested for those Crimes,he stood for Mayor straight away with his full criminal records removed by Cleveland Police.,Even though he Admitted 16 Offences PUBLICALLY

No stolen property
was found in scotts home,

No Fingerprints were found at the burglary

No paint was found in scotts home,either on his carpets,clothes,or washing machine………..The trainers,crowbar was stated came from Neil scotts address of 155 marshal ave in the first statements,and I live at 155 pallister ave.
I had No injuries on me to cause blood dripped on a radiator,

No tools(crowbar) found in scotts home were linked By Forensics to the burglary or neil scott,

No motive for the burglary
So they deemed me delusional,Paranoid,Psychosis,Psychotic,£160,000 Empty house Burglar,and After wards because of this website “And internet obsessive and TROLL ,Whistleblower
Also they tried to hgave me arrested on a BetterMiddlesbrough Website for Making death threats to the Mayor of middlesbrough and also Car Fires,which I Did have an Alibi as to where I was in redcar at the times of the Fires,I believe this was a fruad Car fires Car insurance Claims By local Councillors.


Psychotic Bus Driver:
At this point a psychologists report was asked for by the judge,but freers were expected to pay for it,so the judge ordered me to “get help”from the psychologists after the court case,
My appeal was on the day My Medical for my Bus licence was due 24 march 2010………………………………….The Reason I believe for the psychologists report was asked for,was indeed,because as a clean BUS/COACH Driving licence holder for over 12years my PCV medical was Due on the day of My appeal,24 march 2011,the police could stop me driving as they did for ten years driving public about or school children ,disabled children and vulnerable adults about on school runs as I’ve always did,……I’m unemployed now ,Ill never ever get a job again.
The judges ordered as part of my 2 years probation, seeing my psychologist after twice seeing him ,he stated police denied the 23arrests,
so I made an appointment to see them for the third time,I brought in evidence of the 23 false arrest previous to the burglary,
the psychologists then dischaged me from their help, forthwith,against a judge spittle order

IPCC-16 CPS witnesses-CPS,my own defence,the prosecution,-5 judges received this information of two G4S witness testimonies that stated two samples were taken on 23 march2009,at Middlehaven station,by civilians instead of doctors,police deny this
They all had the innocence Evidence and I was Still Convicted of this crime,
The officers lies links, implicated all the witnesses,IPCC,CPS,judges to falsified and severe misconduct and should face Criminal prosecution for there part in the covering up of the truth and suppressed evidence and witness intimidation,juror/evidence tampering,interference with the course of justice,police intimidation ,Perjury,treason at the bar at the royal courts of justice and teeside crown courts,not to mention the last ten years of forensics convictions,as a consequence of cleveland police force given misleading evidence and or information about a alleged criminal awaiting courts,

This is My CRB Disclosure from 2002 to 2008 when it had been removed by Crb in liverpool,Finally,whilst Scotland Yard Who didnt have ANY records of Criminal Activities on there NATIONAL COMPUTER when I applied to them for Copies of such matters a copy of this will be marked up on here soon.


Below is a statement of Two samples taken,they say both DNA,in this freedom of information request,on 23 march 2009 at 1839 pm

Also they stated that there’s No Evidence to help them,of Missing CCTV footage,of who took what, on 23 march 2009, to their own detriment,4 miles away from the burglary.



G4S RELIANCE,,,,,This is the testimony of Two G4S who also stated TWO samples were taken,48 hours after the crime,were NOT Logged, on 23 march 2009,at 1839 pm.at the Middlehaven station,4miles away from the burglary.



NOT LOGGED G4S,,,,This Next picture shows that only ONE sample was logged at the police station on 23 march 2009 at 1839 pm,it was not named just referenced as 99244864.



PACEY,,,,This is the testimony from the delivery driver PC. PACEY. who stated for Court part of continuity that All Packed Together were SG3 /SG4 /SG5. And Was delivered at 0453 PM on 23 march 2009 to PC. MILNER at HQ ladgate lane,

http://photos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/c0.40.960.640/s320x320/581126_145508325610845_2084854783_n.jpg. __

http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/request_for_information_17 __________________________________

DC 945 Kellam andrew chaytor was listed for this court as a witness,as the other arresting officer with DC Crawford,here is the list.


Forensics stated that ONLY SG4 was tested positive as being My Blood found on the “RADIATOR”at the bottom of a flooded Staircase,LAYED DOWN,which is significant as blood would have been Contaminated with Water flowing Around it.

Also received as the CLERICAL ERROR.


They even tried to get me to ADMIT that the tools found at 155 marshal ave were My tools found by asking me to collect tools from the reliance Storage facility.

MINER,,,,This is the testimony part of continuity the receipt from the delivery driver PC. PACEY that the delivery of One Sample of blood listed as SG4, to PC Milner. at HQ Ladgate Lane on 23 march 2009 at 0453 PM ,ie. Blood found on the radiator,Two samples packed together were not Packed together at all,Two samples go missing in transit to HQ,a journey which took Pacey one hour and 45 minutes for a journey of 15-20 minutes through rush hour traffic.


CRAWFORD,,,This is the testimony of the detective who stated that the case for continuity was broken by him he Wrote, as he Had SG4 Blood at the station, verified By G4S, staff,blood found on the radiator,23 march 2009 at 1839pm.



Part of the 23 arrests previous,were all given out to employers from 2002 to 2012,in the CRB disclosure brought out in 2002 ray mallons never stopped him getting the mayors job after admitting 14 out of 420 crimes,as a police officer,I had all the arrests put on My CRB disclosure,un convicted offences,police deny this also,

I Wrote on My Own Transit Van that

“After 23 Arrests,I have Less Convictions than Ray Mallon Mayor of Middlesbrough”

the Police took pictures of it and used the pictures against me in this burglary Court trial????

Crawford gave another statement after the originals that he had made a Clerical ERROR in the given address of 155 marshal Ave as the items found at the scene,or given as my address below.

He Also admits that he met with C8157 pacey and exchanged items of evidence,”I collected items from the property store,where they had been placed them After I’d seized them”,he stated,”at 1316 hrs I collected exhibits from pacey,I then transported the exhibits to central submissions where at 1409 hrs I handed them to C7998 gettings”,why did he have evidence,who is central submissions? is it ladgate Lane?

But this could not have been a “CLERICAL”mistake as he had the warrent with my address with him,below.

L.EDWARDS forensics for Freers defence Barristers also received the address as 155 marshal ave in a forensics report.

Crawford was NOT the only one to Make a CLERICAL ERROR they said,according to the footwear forensics,they tested the Samba trainers found at a different address to me as Crawfords ERROR as 155 Marshal ave,listed here below.

This is the Erimus Eviction sought After the Burglary Court case,which was not successful,this is the Application made before I’d been convicted for the offence.

This is the testimony as DC Crawford being the witness for this case on behalf of the landlord of that burglary noting 3 burglaries at the same address,he also gave Erimus housing Personal police records from PNC,police National computer records,
For a CIvil Eviction hearing,also a breach in Laws.



What did Crawford have to gain from falsifying the blood and as a witness in an eviction case,helping the landlord.

Listed References that police say I’m delusional over;

CrB disclosure references,abuses of data:__001159077848__001213114070__001145177824

Arrested for items such as
unlawfull damage,20sept2002
Defaced photos,17feb2002
Speeding offencesbetween 17feb2002 and onwards,
Assaulting a police officer,1994
Criminal damage,13aug2003
Using threatening words or behaviour,17feb2002
Breach of bail conditions
Breach of the peace17feb2002
Allegations about hanging about outside schools
Drove vehicle at ex partner,16sept2002
Drove vehicle at someone else,17sept2003
Breach of the peace
Allegations from 2 previous partners
Breach of tenancy,03sept2002
Abusive calls+threats

Actions taken against me from 2002 onwards:
06aug2002:06august2002/15august2002/17sept2002/16sept2002/17sept2002/ all of which were labelled 02/17M1/01/729E court case coming from one person,MY EX PARTNER jayne Verrill,
9 arrests,unconvicted yet mentioned for 8 years in my CRB disclosures,afterwards
03/02/03;bailed after arrested16/12/02
24/09/02 arrested coded 1249/5249
03/03/03 arrested crim dam
03/02/03:arrested for har+crim dam
24/02/03 arrested crim dam harrassment ,06/08/02+17/09/02
arrested for driving exceeding 80MPH
I was pulled over by police 7 times in one week
23mar2003:eviction interview declined to enforcement team middlesbrough,no housing,
03/02/03;letter from courts
23/03/03;warning letter from enforcement officers over tenancy
22/04/03:repossession applied for.
26/10/03:letter seeking repossession.
27/10/03:letter breach of tenancy.
17/02/03;breach of tenancy letter
11dec2008 at guisbro courts speeding
23april2009speeding court case teeside
19/01/2009:convicted of speeding
12june2009 rodderick mcKinnons report for appeal
16march2011 civil claim thrown out by teeside crown courts against cleveland police 1MB00783
28nov2008 new scotland YARD I requested My Own Criminal backround checks
They stated there is NO CONVICTIONS.2008,why didn’t tgey have my CRB disclosure ABUSES on the national computer

Cleveland police references,Co/00275/09_Com/61//2007_Co/00427/10_Co/00060/10_Co/00274/10__1mb00783/pub”/1/379/mdp__2010/co00060__com/61/2007__

CRB disclosures references,11659989/23march2009,

Ipcc references as to previous complaints

-20011/2012- 002967
Ref:1003589/18 march 2013
IPCC ref. 2013/006852. Received 26 april 2013,sent to cleveland Police,

References of court actions;
26/08/06:allegations of crim damage,bound over without evidence,8 years on my crb disclosure UNCONVICTED,
23/04/09:appeal against conviction,speeding,QUASHED on 20/06/2009
10april2009:DNA received in birmingham forensics
20nov/2009 listed for trail,
20/06/2009:appeal against conviction,speeding quashed
04/02/2010:defence statements given 23/03/2009 arrested for burglary
13/05/2009 found guilty of Burglary

10may2010:further requests for disclosure.
12/02/2010listed for trail/burglary,
15/02/2010 listed for trail/burglary,
15/02/2010:aborted trial
23/03/2009dc crawford gives his statements in to court

30/06/2009dc Crawford gives his
statements to courts,second arrest for burglary,not upheld,M8/10082/2009,was asked again on second arrest about arrest in

23march 2009:plea manage hearing
05august 2009second arrest for same burglary,CCTV footage Swap
07july2009 at court,
17/07/2009;dc chaytor gives his statements to courts
01sept2009;at court
06oct2009:committ to crown court
08oct2009:advice on plea,court
26oct2009:conference with council
26Nov2009:trial Listed
12may2010:advice on appeal given after 28may2010
12Jan2010:trail dated at court
15feb2010:trail dated
25feb2010:for mention at court
10/11/12may2010 trial at teeside crown courts,
02june2010ajourned sentencing,
11june2010:ineffective sentencing hearing
6august2010:ineffective sentencing hearing,
1sept2010:sentencing hearing
19nov2009 advice on plea
26/11/2009trial at crown court listed,
15feb2010:amended defence
10may2010:at court trial hearing,
11may2010:further requests
12may2010:trail hearing finally,guilty verdict after 10 minutes,
28may2010advice on appeal letter given on 25 nov 2010
27july2010:psychiatric report given to trial
01sept2010:crown court
17august2010amended psyc report given to trail
03dec2009:L edwards forensics lied about blood evidence

Advice given could not appeal outside 28 day period,appeal given over 28 day period for appeal at royal courts,

16nov2010:receives appeal report
26nov2009:terr napier reports on trainers taken from different address

Arresting officer,DC chaytor was not called to the stand to give his evidence/testimony

There was 49 incidents of Burglary in the same area between 01january2009 and 10may 2010

02/09/2009:I made a successful claim for compensation claim,after I’d been assaulted in a nightclub opposed by cleveland police for 5 years,when they decided I cannot claim for no incident occured they stated,after loosing all cctv footage of the pub,holdings,custody,and cells, cctv footage,it wasn’t till the last moment that they changed there minds and stated an oFfence actually took place that day Of CICa tribunal,they adfmitted liability for £3300,after 27/08/06 arrest for criminal damage when I’d been locked in cells for 11 hours and denied medical assistance whilst unconscious and with other injuries to my groin and a broken jaw,the cica only paid out for my broken jaw,this is why I believe my case is attached to David Camerons televised comments ,stopping compensation claims for criminals,I made a local resolution complaint towards the officer involved,IPCC did not uphold this after an investigation

This shows what injuries were sustained in the Assault against me which was the second attempt on my life in police custody,with head,Jaw,groin injuries,James Cook hospital,Cleveland police and CICA apposed My cliams for Compensation,this is the letters given in evidence showing I did sustain injuries.

I’m not Bragging at all about this information but the judges stated I was delusional,Psychotic,psychosis,paranoid.

But I did not do the 200 community service hours given to me,
I did not serve in any Jail term,
I did not do community service,
I did receive My Bus Licence back
I did not see a psychologists

afterwards,oh,I did see him twice,but when the psychologists asked Cleveland Police for the lists of the 23arrest I went through over ten years (that they denied),I gave my psychologists evidence of it and they instantly discharged me from their services,as they thought this was all a waste of their time and the taxpayers time and effort

To date 27 september- I applied for a judicial reveiw of my case,they have never asked for My trial details documents to support the appeal decisions,they used the discriminate decision to refuse my case on the performance of the judges at my appeal,QC mcCombe,QC moses,QC dobbs,QCgordon to which they repeated in public I’m “PSYCHOTIC”which I find highly corrupted by the judicial system,

27sept2012-i received the letter from DVLA thgat shows the judge mcCombes lies about “PSYCHOSIS”does Not exsist,and I will be receiving My PCV licence to drive passengers again,so where did the judge get his information from ie ,”psychotic” this was also sent either by cleveland police officials or the justice services to DVLA as they looked into the “PSYCHOTIC”emblem listed against me in the tabliods and they found nothing about me to state I’m a danger to the public AT ALL.

This is the list of People I contacted to report this criminal offence to and they did NOT Act on it showing how many people work for government and Don’t Do there Job other than Cover up the Crimes of this Corrupt Officer.
Here’s Another IPCC complaints against the BENT Detective that they Won’t investigate,it Goes To Show that Allegations about Evidence against cleveland police officers Go unnoticed No Wonder No Cop gets a conviction they Won’t Do the Job there Supposed to. As this email Shows,they just don’t want to know. Dear Mr Scott

Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). I acknowledge receipt of the 2 emails you sent to the IPCC between 20 and 23 March 2013.

I can confirm that these have been sent to the Cleveland Police Professional Standards Department (PSD) to be considered as part of your complaint.

Kind regards

David English
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
Email: enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

Like most Government ideas This is No Good then.


Trying to report a police officers Criminal act that he wrote down and gave to Courts:

“I acknowledge receipt of the 7 emails you sent to the IPCC between 13 and 18 March 2013.

I can confirm that these have been sent to the Cleveland Police Professional Standards Department (PSD) to be considered as part of your complaint.

Kind regards

Elly Goodman
Customer Contact Adviser
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Tel: 0300 020 0096
Email: enquiries@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk”

ALL MIDDLESBROUGH Authorities, CPS are Trrying to remove all suspicion towards this detective,which is UN-LAWFULL INTENT. As this shows a letter from the CPS who won’t deal with complaints against them.

I even contacted Sir Stuart Bell MP who was later found DEAD in his home,like John hoddinott found in the thistle Hotel,after investigating Ray Mallon,and Vinny My Neighbour found dead in his home like the others,and eric cutler found Dead in Grovehill home,both eric and vinny were with me and helped me to get my convictions Quashed,both were witneSses for me,all attached to Ray Mallon the Mayor of Middlesbrough and Who Apposed the Mayor in every way. and now both are dead,here’s a letter to MP stuart bell

This blokes Brother was a person very involved with me,he was the idiot Who helped My exc Partner make 9 allegations against me he was the Brother of the deceiced,Arthur Coates,his Brother was this man.

As this picture of a statement shows the arrest and 2nd attempt on my life in Police Cells Middlesbrough,after being assaulted in a Pub,they locked me in Cells for 11 hours,denied me Medical attention,with head, Jaw, and Grion injuries,denied that I’d been assaulted,for 6 years to CICA,who then agreed after years of fighting it,that I had been assaulted and I was PAYED for just the Broken Jaw at £3,300,I am still awaiting injuries for the grion they say I do not have,
This is the custody report of my injuries,on that day of arrest,they say didn’t happen.

This is the CICA claim denied and apposed by cleveland police for 6 years,I had NO convictions for burglary at this time.

This is Why they FUCKED up. Idiotic ideas.


These are the people I told about corruption in cleveland police and who are willing to cover up crimes and NOT act on complaints made about corrupt officers in that Cleveland Police force.

Please confirm that you want to send a message to Andrew McDonald MP
Mon, Feb 18, 2013 07:51 GMT

Please click on the link below to confirm that you wish WriteToThem.comto send your letter to Andrew McDonald MP, your MP.

David English
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
14 Feb – RE: IPCC ref. 2012/002967

David English
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
13 Feb – RE: IPCC ref. 2012/002967

Philip Harrison
Customer Contact Adviser
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
13 Feb – IPCC Reference: 2012/002967

Debbie Smith
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
North Region – Sale
Tel: 0300 020 0096
ndependent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) Ref 2012/002967
Mon, Feb 11, 2013 14:26 GMT

Susan Ranson
PA to Director of Law and Democracy andHead of Legal Services
Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
Municipal Buildings
Church Road
TS18 1LD (Sat Nav TS19 1UE)
Tel: 01642 527061
Email: susan.ranson@stockton.gov.uk
PCC Complaint
Fri, Jan 4, 2013 08:22 GMT

Gabriel O’Rourke
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
IPCC reference 2012/002967
Fri, Dec 21, 2012 13:57 GMT

Please confirm that you want to send a message to Martin Callanan MEP
Fri, Dec 21, 2012 05:57 GMT

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Debbie Smith
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
North Region – Sale
Tel: 0300 020 0096
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) Ref 2012/002967
Wed, Dec 19, 2012 14:11 GMT

Judith Johnson
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
North Region – Sale
Tel: 0300 020 0096
IPCC Ref 2012/002967
Wed, Dec 19, 2012 11:45 GMT

New response to your FOI request – Request for Information
Wed, Dec 19, 2012 08:52 GMT

Gary Culkin
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
IPCC Reference 2012/002967
Fri, Dec 14, 2012 10:35 GMT

: TYERMAN, Gayle (C6412) 
 1 Attachment
complaint against police
Thu, Dec 13, 2012 15:07 GMT

From: CHANDLER, Geoffrey (P0416)RE:
Thu, Dec 13, 2012 07:06 GMT
02 march 2013.


I sent this to. AndrewMcDonald@Parliament.uk. and. geoffrey.chandler@cleveland.pnn.police.uk. at Cleveland police to ask him this.
This was sent to Cleveland police in reply to a phonecall received on 28 feb 2013 saying they are investigating my complaints,I asked them this.

From Neil Scott, What are you doing about the investigation, Look into the whole case or are you
investigating me.

I’m asking you for a plan of your actions in writing? To my home address please,

this is the Officer Detective 1309 Alastair Crawfords testimony given to court,tampering with forensics evidence

Cleveland Police
All listed events contacts are here

This was received for the death threats from DC 1309 alastair crawford s family member Marcus Perry.

Mohammed Rahman
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
IPCC Reference – 2012/002967
Mon, Dec 10, 2012 15:28 GMT

From: Bond, David
PCC for stockton police and crime Commission,RE: complaint
Mon, Dec 10, 2012 13:49 GMT

From: Neil Scott  
To: andrew.glover1@bbc.co.uk, barry_coppinger@middlesbrough.gov.uk, borolibdems@gmail.com, claire.engleby@cps.gsi.gov.uk, and 19 more Sun, Dec 9, 2012 15:00 GMT

To: cpa.foi@cleveland.pnn.police.uk, neilscott90@yahoo.co.uk, Anthony scott
NeilScott FOI request to cleveland police authority
Sun, Dec 9, 2012 07:30 GMT

John Howarth
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
IPCC Reference: 2012/020359
Fri, Dec 7, 2012 16:57 GMT

From: Bond, David  RE: complaint
Fri, Dec 7, 2012 12:53 GMT

From: Bond, David   
To: neilscott90@yahoo.co.uk
CC: Ranson, Susan
Fri, Dec 7, 2012 08:43 GMT

From: HARPE, Jayne (C6776)  
Emails to the Police & Crime Commissioner
Thu, Dec 6, 2012 16:57 GMT

From: Fiona Hall MEP  
RE: Your letter to Fiona Hall MEP
Mon, Dec 3, 2012 13:38 GMT

From: !enquiries   
Your IPCC Reference 2012/020359
Mon, Dec 3, 2012 12:49 GMT

From: WriteToThem
Did your MEP reply to your letter?
Mon, Dec 3, 2012 10:43 GMT
Two weeks ago we sent your letter to Fiona Hall MEP, your MEP. (For
reference, there’s a copy of your letter at the bottom of this email)

From: CHANDLER, Geoffrey (P0416)   [Complaint]
Fri, Nov 30, 2012 10:37 GMT
Sgt 416 Geoff Chandler
Cleveland Police Office Manager
Mr. Scott,

I am not aware of the investigation that you say Insp. Galloway told you was ongoing and I am unable to speak to him about it as he is not back on duty for a couple of weeks.

From my perspective, your complaints in relation to DC Crawford have been dispensed with by the IPCC and therefore the case is closed.

Sgt. 416 Chandler.
From galloway,about tamms.
The Phonecalls were on 25 feb at 1537hrs lasting 2.07 and 1410hrs lasting 3.07 from a witheld Number usually Cleveland police way of avoiding the paperwork,and coverups of all actions.


Elly Goodman
Customer Contact Adviser
Independent Police Complaints Commission
Tel: 0300 020 0096
IPCC Reference: 2012/002967
Thu, Nov 29, 2012 10:46 GMT

From: !enquiries 
Wed, Nov 28, 2012 19:56 GMT

Mohammed Rahman
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
IPCC Reference – 2012/002967
Tue, Nov 27, 2012 10:50 GMT

From: Andrew Glover  Automatic reply: Re: IPCC reference 2012/002967
Mon, Nov 26, 2012 12:38 GMT

From: Rose Bunker  
RE: Letter from your constituent neil scott
Wed, Nov 21, 2012 12:33 GMT

FW: Please confirm that you want to send a message to Fiona Hall MEP
Mon, Nov 19, 2012 10:33 GMT

From: WriteToThem 
Please confirm that you want to send a message to Fiona Hall MEP
Mon, Nov 18, 2012 10:28 GMT

Richard Steadman
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
Phone: 0300 020 0096
Re: IPCC reference 2012/002967
Fri, Nov 16, 2012 12:56 GMT

Dave Turner
Casework Manager
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region – Sale
Phone: 0300 020 0096
Reference 2012/002967
Wed, Nov 7, 2012 09:05 GM

Sophie Lawrence
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
North Region – Sale
Tel: 0300 020 0096
Reference 2012/002967
Mon, Nov 5, 2012 17:10 GMT

From: TYERMAN, Gayle (C6412) 
 1 AttachmentFW:
Fri, Sep 14, 2012 13:23 BST

View full HTML message.

Sent: 14 September 2012 13:21
To: ‘neilscott90@yahoo.com’
Please note attached letter
Professional Standards
Cleveland Police

From: Engleby Claire 
RE: neilscott 17L21409512
Mon, Sep 10, 2012 16:48 BST

From: Andrew Glover 
To: ‘Neilscott90@yahoo.co.uk’
[No Subject]
Thu, Sep 6, 2012 17:00 BST

I Will Post More names to this later.

Emails Sent to














Kevin Gopal big issue

Holly Pick. PCC newspapers complaint about the Evening gazette print.










joan_mctigue@middlesbrough.gov.uk. MP.


Jack Paynter. IPCC.

peter_cox@middlesbrough.gov.uk. MP









The Mail








































To the Teeside Crown Courts Today 25 febuary 2013 as well as the Last time I did this. Received from IPCC today,10 jan 2013,
IPCC Ref:2012/­­­021321
155 palister ave brambles farm Middlesbrough cleveland TS3 9DN. Treat this as a freedom of information request for the testimony given to Court on 23 march 2009 to 13 may 2010 that officer 1309 Alastair crawford gave as his testimony for the Burglary court appearance as the CPS witness for this case,being T20090947 court code 460,in the case of neil scott V Cleveland police Burglary,I have requested this from cleveland police and they refused to disclose this information,please forward this to me if there is a fee I would pay for this.you can contact me also on 07824783452 sincerly Neil Scott,
They replied to me saying I should contact for the information about an officers tesimony given at Court

Today I was Called by Cleveland police officer Galloway,he stated that My allegations against cleveland police detective 1309 Alistair Crawford, IS in the Process of BEING Investigated by a police officer called Geoff Chandler,I was told it would be passed onto inspector Tamms,who I believe is the officer it was said by himself, I’d assaulted him,when ray Mallon was Chief officer of Southbank police station,he worked for two weeks with two Broken ribs he said,lol,I don’t think so,on Active Duty,he Lost that Conviction because if his Stupidity too,so who made that knob top officer of a bent Force,anyhow, he who stated that there was No investigations ongoing to me previous to this call received today,here’s a copy of the Email received.

A Copy of the Letter:

Inappropriate CONDUCT becoming a Government organisation
Received from IPCC today,10 jan 2013,
I am writimg about the application made by the cleveland Police to dispence with MY complaint on 05 november2012,
My complaint was that

(A)I have just been threatened,my life is in danger from a cleveland police officers,
(B)I have just been threatened by a cleveland police officers family for not closing down my personel pages against him. http://Wp.me/­­­p2euOV-4. He did this by using his accomplice Marcus Perry,online facebook site,

Thge IPCC has considered the application.
Based on the information and evidence provided,(which­­­ was not sent or received,nor was it received by any officer who did not attend myhome to investigate it as they did not come to my home at any point or time)We the iPCC have Agreed that your complaint is an abuse of the complaints procedure because it is without foundation,you have been unable to provide any evidence to suggest that this complaint is linked in any way to a Cleveland Police Officer. We are of the opinion that your complaint is vexatious as it is intended to worry and annoy any individual the complaint is meant to be about.
On this basis we have agreed to grant Cleveland police a dispensation
We have told Cleveland Police of this decision.
I accept that our decision may be disappointing to you ,however,in the veiw of the circumstances set out above,I believe that it is appropriate for Cleveland police to deal with your complaint as it sees fit. angela job casework manager Email. Angela.job@IPCC­­­.GSI.gov.uk

Its been OVER 3 months since I made this complaint and at no time as any officer came to me and took statements or evidence about this complaint,made in november,so how can they presume to allow this to be dispenced,witho­­­ut investigating the circumstances of the case,this is criminal intent to suppress an investigation,a­­­bout one of there senior officers at cleveland police station Middlehaven Middlesbrough,t­­his is Criminal offences,by Cleveland police.

It seems to me they are investigating me for another Offence of vexatious.

Which in this case is none exsistant.this was received today at 1210 4 march 2013 from the officer who dispenced my compliants. Geoff Chandler of cleveland police farce.
Mr. Scott,

I am not aware of the investigation that you say Insp. Galloway told you was ongoing and I am unable to speak to him about it as he is not back on duty for a couple of weeks.

From my perspective, your complaints in relation to DC Crawford have been dispensed with by the IPCC and therefore the case is closed.

Sgt. 416 Chandler.

In any event because I’m classed now as a criminal,I cannot get legal aid,hospital treatment,an appeal,a reveiw of this case,I cannot take Legal actions,I’m poor because of this,with health problems,I’ve done everything legally to stem the corruption under this criminal mayors police Force,there is a lot of people involved in covering up this Power MAD Mayors Criminal actions,there is those who don’t want to know or don’t care,as it doesn’t effect them but it does effect them if a complaint about Misconduct is receieved ACT ON IT,don’t just sit on your Fat Arse,its not your job, when you don’t Act on complaints,all I can do is hope that someone sees this and reports the Crimes of this authority. And it is a FULL authority to blame.
It was Ray Mallons police force that said there TIED when they have to do paperwork,too right they Tied By the Neck because of things like this that happens, when bad police officers do Bad policing



Shows that IPCC do not act against Cleveland police officers and that they Do ABUSE Data Systems in Place.

All of my arrested Crimes went onto my CRB disclosures for ten years Before an actual conviction for a Made Up Burglary,But None of them appeared on the national data base held at scotland Yard.

19 offences all proven not guilty in a court of law.

Then theres this. A SPEEDING Conviction QUASHED at Teeside Crown court,because a police Traffic officer Lied,this as well as others previous to the allegations convictions for burglary were all Quashed,I have one conviction in 46 years,this Speeding case was advertised in the Evening Gazette paper,Middlesbrough,but they didn’t print it had been Quashed afterwards,so it shows the paper to be one sided reporting of stories.

My Summons to guisbrough courts the Last case guisbrough did before they closed it down.

The evidence of Fine at £350 and 6 points for my first Driving offence.

Its all about this. https://fbcdn-photos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/c0.40.960.640/s320x320/11283_222530201218613_4386105_n.jpg

This photo shows that before My Burglary conviction this is what they do to Whistleblowers of a county police station Cleveland police Current CRIMINAL. mayor Ray Mallon I am posting all records of that incdent on here,showing police misconduct of a Traffic officer of that force. This is the map.

This is where SIMPSON said he was parked looking to the right towards Marske

This is where SIMPSON was parked and could see to the Left of him to redcar.


SPEEDING Offence QUASHED at teeside Crown Courts.
https://fbcdn-photos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/c0.40.960.640/s320x320/549405_222532434551723_1242714772_n.jpg. This proved the officer lied at Court and IPCC DID NOT ACT ON IT as they were told.
Statistics removed.
Shows that IPCC do not act against Cleveland police officers and that they Do ABUSE Data Systems in Place under pilot Scheme Zero tolerance headed by a criminal Mayor Ray Mallon protected by corrupt Prime ministers Tony blair,jack straw..
All of my arrested Crimes went onto my CRB disclosures for ten years Before an actual conviction,But None of them appeared on the national data base held at scotland Yard.

9 offences all proven not guilty in a court of law.

They were all abuses of Cleveland Police officers in the Force and command of Criminal eliments of that force under a criminal mayor of that force: RAY MALLON.


The only thing I can suggest, is that whoever committed this burglary, committed the perfect Crime, and that is what this Zero Tolerance authority are Afraid of,Consider this,£50,900 Worth of Damage to a neighbours house,paint thrown all over the Property,everyt­hing, smashed,belongi­ngs thrown everywhere,they­ didn’t find Fingerprints,DN­A,Hair folicles,Blood,­just damage with Not Motive or stolen items.Be afraid,be very afraid, if this is what some people Fear,it could happen to you,and the Cleveland police are So Useless they Had to commit a Crime themselves protected by all who are in power, so they look great in court. What if they committed Murder,then blamed the Wrong Man. It has happened and its also unlawfull,its Corruption,as was My conviction,do you allow it to go on ,until a Child or someone you know is blamed for something they didn’t do. STOP IT NOW.Stem Corruption PASS THIS ON.

Judges Moses,Dobbs,Gordon at Royal courts of justice REFUSED my appeal to this Burglary Conviction which was unlawfull,as this states below.

High Court: government’s residence test for legal aid unlawful
15 July 2014

Senior judges have declared that draft regulations for a residence test, now before parliament, cannot be enacted by means of secondary legislation.

The judges found the Lord Chancellor had radically overstepped the limits of his powers and was trying to create a discriminatory legal system which was incompatible with equality under the law. The judgment could now bring the residency test requirements to a halt.

John Halford, a solicitor from Bindman’s law firm, represented the Public Law Project, the organisation which brought the judicial review challenge. He said:

‘Using powers that were never his to exercise, the Lord Chancellor has attempted to refashion the legal aid scheme into an instrument of discrimination so that many of the cases parliament itself identified as most worthy of support could never be taken.’

The three senior judges also upheld a complaint on a second ground that it would not be legitimate to discriminate against non-residents solely on the grounds of saving money.

The Commons voted in favour of the residence test for legal aid eligibility on 9 July by a margin of 70 votes. Peers are due to debate the order next week and the Law Society will be briefing peers in advance of the debate with our strong opposition to the draft regulations.

Handing down the ruling, Lord Justice Moses said:

‘The Ministry of Justice described LASPO [the act under which the residence test is being introduced] as ‘targeting legal aid at the most serious cases which have sufficient priority to justify the use of public funds’.

‘No one can pretend that removing legal aid from non-residents is a means of targeting legal aid at those most in need.’

He added:

‘Within the system provided by LASPO, the UK is not permitted to discriminate against non-residents on the grounds that to do so might save costs.’

Law Society president Andrew Caplen said:

‘We have opposed the residence test throughout. It is discriminatory and it would prevent people who legitimately meet the test from getting legal aid, because they struggle to meet the evidence requirements. We also shared concerns that such a test was not within the contemplation of parliament when it passed the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act. We are delighted that the High Court has required the government to think again.’


Do I get justice for it, NO.


Published by: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197588960402203&id=100004533006465&set=a.103843543110079.8511.100004533006465&refid=17&_ft_&__tn__=E. No cctv. Detective held blood. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197588930402206&i

I've been convicted of a crime I DID Not do, With one conviction in 45 years,for burglary,After 23Attempts Failed to Convict me of Any Crime the Police in. #Teesside. Falsified the forensics Evidence against me and others,the detective Wrote how he Held the Forensics blood Evidence used in court to Convict me which is illegal. I Now Have Evidence of statements of Fact that the Cleveland police Detective DC1309 Did commit fruad by having the Blood Evidence at the police station when it was not supposed to be there,that he sent the only evidence of blood to forensics,which was linked to me by forensics,this is detrimental to the officer who admitted he sent,had hold of it,the only bloood sample linked to me,Against the Continuity of forensics whole Case,against me,the worst of it is 6 judges received it,CPS declared the written evidence in court,bmy defence seeen it,and did nothing about it,when I did telll them that my blood was Never found at any crime at all,all 16 witnesses for the prosecution. Did receive this evidence and desperately tried to cover this crime up,against all Laws in order to protect criminal eliments of the cleveland police,even my Own barrister keiran Rainey of fountain Solicitors was involved. VOTE FOR ME as mayor of Middlesbrough I have less on My CRB disclosure than the Mayor of Middlersbrough Convicted on blood that WAS falsified by tow detectives at cleveland police force I still have LESS convictions than Ray Mallon Mayor Of Middlesbrough and Chief Sean Price of Cleveland Police farce, The Two detectives have now implicated 16witnesses,for the prosecutions own evidence, The CPS The 5 judges used for over 15 court appearances Forensics who received the falsified blood IPCC who received up till now all the evidence of this Crime It is interference with the course of justice It is perjury Interference with witnesses In the Cleveland police efforts to Arrest me 23 times and convict me knowing of dc Crawfords admitted guilt,they salndered me publically as a delusional,paranoid,psychosis,Psychotic whistleblower,and failed in 22 of those arrests,all the arrests unconvited went on my CRB disclosures for ten years effecting directly my bus licence to drive,removed in 2008 in 2009 the burglary allegation was made against me,in 2011 the guilty verdict came from a jury,after ten minutes,they took away my bus licence until 2013,then after an altercation with DVLA Ithis Psychotic bus driver got his Bus licence back,as No evidence of being psychotic or any other words used by this corrupt authourity was found on any medical records as it shows a mass conspiracy to defruad,the justice system,using 16 witnesses,6 Top QC judges,CPS,doctors,Psychologists,and I can prove every bit of it,, Bigger than hackgate or the Leveson enquiry. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197588960402203&id=100004533006465&set=a.103843543110079.8511.100004533006465&refid=17&_ft_&__tn__=E. No cctv. Detective held blood. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197588930402206&id=100004533006465&set=a.103843543110079.8511.100004533006465&refid=52.

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