6 Million Pound FRUAD: @Clevelandpolice Fraud in arresting Neil Scott 23 times,as a result ONE CONVICTION,its a Zero tolerance abuse of a Mayor whos police force helped a Burglary landlord steve locke claim £160,800 Burgalry Insurance fruad,the one conviction in 46 years for Burglary, Evidence was Falsified by police AND ignored/suppresed by 6 judges Now implicated in the associated Crimes

This is fraud,Taxpayers Money given to. @Clevelandpolice for misuses of public funds to harrass,intimidate,persecute and to stop Neil Scott living a normal life to the point of a mental breakdown paranoid psychosis,psychotic,delusion EMPTY house Burglar wrongly convicted of a burglary crime that police had a hand in fruading Evidence of blood at the burglary case,his human rights to live abused,3 Emails robbed,5 twitter accounts robbed,his CRB disclosure abused with data abuses,for over ten years,since 2002,his claims for CICA refused after 6 years,ongoing,doctors won’t treat him at all,they fob him off with appointments only,he has lost all his teeth,he is living in bad housing conditions as a disabled man,with prescribed mental anxiety,due to his injuries,he survived Two attempts on his life in jail cells,his relationships have been intervened by officers of the law,his home was at risk some 6 times,even eviction at courts,he is stopped from moving home with housing data abuses,his home is being watched,proven with evidence of letters,all his evidence is with his family



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September 16, 2012 · 3:19 pm

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