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A Message from the Founders

“As we look to the future, the Partnership will continue to be at the forefront of legal struggle, using the law to defend and create room for the peoples’ movement for progressive social change.”

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Campaigns and Cases:
Police Misconduct

The following is a partial list of campaigns and cases.

Brooklyn Bridge Mass Arrests

Garcia v. Bloomberg

Attorneys from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) on Oct. 4 filed a class action lawsuit against Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Kelly and the City of New York, charging mass violations of constitutional rights in the trap and detain mass arrest of 700 demonstrators on the Brooklyn Bridge this past Saturday, October 1, 2011. The lawsuit charges that “the NYPD engaged in a premeditated, planned, scripted, and calculated effort to sweep the streets of protestors and disrupt a growing protest movement in New York.” more >>

Oscar Grant Mass Arrest

Spalding et al v. City of Oakland et al

A major class action lawsuit against the Oakland Police Department (OPD) in the United States District Court. The lawsuit asserts constitutional violations stemming from the November 5, 2010, mass arrest of 150 peaceful protesters following the sentencing of Johannes Mehserle, the BART police officer who killed Oscar Grant. more >>

The Brutal Arrest of Veteran Ray McGovern

Mr. McGovern, age 71, was subjected to an outrageous and abusive arrest after standing silently with his back turned to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. more >>

The Killing of Trey Joyner

In response to reports that a resident of the District was shot in the back and killed in the Trinidad neighborhood by undercover federal law enforcement agents, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) demanding disclosure of the directives and policies authorizing and implementing the program through which the officers were operating. more >>

This case has been ruled on

Stop the Unconstitutional D.C. Checkpoints!

Class Action Complaint, Mills v. District of Columbia

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed the successful lawsuit challenging the military-style checkpoint program whereby police could surround a targeted neighborhood, interrogate people without suspicion, and prohibit entry to those persons who lack a police-defined “legitimate reason” for driving into the neighborhood. more >>

Mass False Arrests: 2003 Miami FTAA Protests

Killmon, et al. v. City of Miami, et al.

The PCJ, working as part of a team of attorneys from the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee, has brought this action to challenge the mass false arrests of, and unreasonable force against, lawful demonstrators during the protests of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) in November 2003 in Miami. more >>

Police Riot at April 2003 Protest

Mark Frucht and Sean Taft-Morales v. District of Columbia, et al.

This litigation was filed by the Partnership for Civil Justice on behalf of demonstrators who were assaulted in a police riot against a permitted anti-war demonstration protesting the occupation of Iraq on April 12, 2003. more >>

This case has been settled

Sept. 2002 Pershing Park Mass False Arrests

Jeffrey Barham, et al. v. Chief Charles H. Ramsey, et al.

On the morning of September 27, 2002, the D.C. Police Department working with the U.S. Park Police encircled Pershing Park, refused to allow anyone to leave and then arrested and hog-tied peaceful demonstrators, tourists, passers-by, and legal observers. Many were bound wrist to ankle on a police gym floor for upwards of 24 hours. more >>

Arrested for Protesting in Black

The “Stirfry” Case: Elizabeth Bolger, et al. v. District of Columbia, et al.

This ground-breaking constitutional rights lawsuit charges that local and federal law enforcement violated the U.S. Constitution by singling out people for arrest based on their perceived political ideology targeting persons the government perceived by their manner of dress to be, or to associated with, anarchists. more >>

This case has been settled

2001 Inaugural Protests: Illegal Domestic Spying Operation Exposed

International Action Center v. United States of America, et al.

This litigation, brought by the Partnership for Civil Justice also on behalf of the National Lawyers Guild, first exposed the use of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces against political dissenters, and revealed that the District of Columbia police department has been carrying out an illegal ongoing domestic spying operation in which officers are sent on long-term assignments to pose as political activists. more >>

Julian Assange for British Prime Minister of England. He has Never been Arrested For Drugs Offences Like David Cameron Has.

Duggan is now a Murder By Police.



Published by: No cctv. Detective held blood.

I've been convicted of a crime I DID Not do, With one conviction in 45 years,for burglary,After 23Attempts Failed to Convict me of Any Crime the Police in. #Teesside. Falsified the forensics Evidence against me and others,the detective Wrote how he Held the Forensics blood Evidence used in court to Convict me which is illegal. I Now Have Evidence of statements of Fact that the Cleveland police Detective DC1309 Did commit fruad by having the Blood Evidence at the police station when it was not supposed to be there,that he sent the only evidence of blood to forensics,which was linked to me by forensics,this is detrimental to the officer who admitted he sent,had hold of it,the only bloood sample linked to me,Against the Continuity of forensics whole Case,against me,the worst of it is 6 judges received it,CPS declared the written evidence in court,bmy defence seeen it,and did nothing about it,when I did telll them that my blood was Never found at any crime at all,all 16 witnesses for the prosecution. Did receive this evidence and desperately tried to cover this crime up,against all Laws in order to protect criminal eliments of the cleveland police,even my Own barrister keiran Rainey of fountain Solicitors was involved. VOTE FOR ME as mayor of Middlesbrough I have less on My CRB disclosure than the Mayor of Middlersbrough Convicted on blood that WAS falsified by tow detectives at cleveland police force I still have LESS convictions than Ray Mallon Mayor Of Middlesbrough and Chief Sean Price of Cleveland Police farce, The Two detectives have now implicated 16witnesses,for the prosecutions own evidence, The CPS The 5 judges used for over 15 court appearances Forensics who received the falsified blood IPCC who received up till now all the evidence of this Crime It is interference with the course of justice It is perjury Interference with witnesses In the Cleveland police efforts to Arrest me 23 times and convict me knowing of dc Crawfords admitted guilt,they salndered me publically as a delusional,paranoid,psychosis,Psychotic whistleblower,and failed in 22 of those arrests,all the arrests unconvited went on my CRB disclosures for ten years effecting directly my bus licence to drive,removed in 2008 in 2009 the burglary allegation was made against me,in 2011 the guilty verdict came from a jury,after ten minutes,they took away my bus licence until 2013,then after an altercation with DVLA Ithis Psychotic bus driver got his Bus licence back,as No evidence of being psychotic or any other words used by this corrupt authourity was found on any medical records as it shows a mass conspiracy to defruad,the justice system,using 16 witnesses,6 Top QC judges,CPS,doctors,Psychologists,and I can prove every bit of it,, Bigger than hackgate or the Leveson enquiry. No cctv. Detective held blood.

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