Corruption Continued @ClevelandPolice Farce #Teesside

#Teesside. The Corrupt get Paid Pensions and the Rest gets Punished.

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PCC Barry Coppinger has appointed his new £85,000 lackey, according to The Evening Gazette ( . Mr Simon Dennis’ new title is “Chief of Staff” at Cleveland Police and Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger says of Mr Dennis “I’m delighted to welcome Simon to the team. He was the best person for the role from an impressive field of candidates…”

Mr Dennis was formerly head of legal services for both North Yorkshire Police and the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Prior to that, he was a senior lawyer with North Yorkshire County Council.

And so the alarm bells begin to ring very loudly. I’ve been keeping a lazy eye on some of the shenanigans over t’ border in North Yorkshire for a while, via the Real Whitby website and, in particular, the work of regular contributor Nigel Ward, one third of Real Whitbys ‘CORRUPTIONBUSTERS’ team. Over the last few years, both Nigel and his fellow team members Tim Hicks and Tim Thorne have made a number of revelations regarding, among others, local cllr Jane Kenyon, many of which ended up in the satirical, political publication Private Eye. Such as this one.

As you can see from the piece, cllr Kenyon was the former chair of North Yorkshire Police Authority, as well as a member of North Yorkshire County Council. The parallels between the career histories of both councillor Kenyon and cllr Coppinger are quite apparent. cllr Kenyon was exposed as both having failed to declare an interest in companies from which her own council procured goods or services. It was claimed that, despite signing and and submitting legal documents confirming her directorship with the company that she failed to declare such an interest because she ‘didn’t know’ that she was a director of the company concerned!

Since the CORRUPTIONBUSTERS exposure of cllr Kenyon, she has used her position at North Yorkshire Police Authority to enlist the force to threaten and intimidate Hicks, Ward and others ( to remove online articles which they claimed were ‘false’ yet, when the authors and Real Whitby, in the spirit of honesty and integrity asked for specifics and evidence to support the claims that information was false, so that they could be amended or removed, no clarification was ever given. At one point, Tim Hicks was required to attend an interview under caution regarding the whole matter, even though no specifics were ever given as to the ‘potentially libellous’ articles. The whole sham was a deliberate act of intimidation to try to cover up the history and actions of the Chair of North Yorkshire Police Authority, her ‘life partner’ (who she recently married, suspicion is that, under law, they can’t be made to testify against each other as spouses but this doesn’t apply to ‘life partners’). This whole expensive fiasco is designed to intimidate members of the public from holding public servants accountable for their actions which were clearly in breach of criminal law. Essentially, North Yorkshire Police acted as cllr Kenyons own private ‘Rent-A-Thug’, to help her to hide FROM THE LAW!  As the solicitor for North Yorkshire Police, the North Yorkshire Police Authority and North Yorkshire County Council, surely Simon Dennis had a deep involvement in all of this, as well as the continuing saga of ‘Grandma B’ ( , where an OAP was defrauded of and forced to move from her home, with the assistance of North Yorkshire Police Officers.

Is such experience the basis for our own former Police Authority member and former local councillor, now Police and Crime Commissioner, Barry Coppinger to state that Mr Dennis is “… the best person for the role…”?  If so, those of us who seek to expose the truth behind the ‘let’s move on’ line of Coppinger and Mallon should warmly await our own invites to attend the local nick in the near future.

After all, it was stated by Chair of Middlesbrough Council, Labour councillor Steve Bloundele, that dissenters should be silenced. Mallon referred to us at the same meeting as ‘terrorists’, and all but associated us with the attacks on the cars of two local Labour councillors at their own homes. Seems now that PCC Coppinger has recruited a willing ‘Sergeant-At-Arms’ to try and silence us ‘legally’.

Then again, it didn’t work in North Yorkshire, did it?

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Also check out Neil Scotts comments on the Whitby Site.Full documented Evidence against Cleveland police detectives DC alastair Crawford,DC kellam Chaytor Who Falsified Forensics evidence to get ONE single Conviction from an innocent Man Set up by them after 22 Failed Attempts to get One Conviction as Persecuted by the Officers of the So Called. LAW.

This is What happens When a, Corrupt MAFIA ,Grant Scrounger,Admitted 14 offences, but Never placed in a CRB Disclosure, PILOT SCEME,MAYOR of Middlesbrough get nominated,All Cleveland Police officers. RESIGHN with Pensions,get off with there Crimes,ge Promoted as Senior Citizens,Get Protected by Fools who Work for them,they get away with Crimes Covered up as CRIME PAYS. For public officials.

‎CRIME PAYS for PUBLIC Officials

Child Abuse when Mayor was detective.

Was Ray Mallon in charge of this Child abuse Investigation.

Ron hoGg. Accepting Benefits. Darlington PCC.

500,000payout solicitor.

fabricating evidence.

Forensics officer.

Heather eastwood arrested.

ClevelandPolice Paedo.
tees-21753748. Taken from Womb mallon

Fitness filure chief.

#‎EvesLaw will help victims report @KevinJRawlinson for @Channel4News… @ukbarrister @EveThomas40 @DanJarvisMP @MoJGovUK

Mccluckie jailed for 8 months. clevelandpolice crash.

Abandoned Case.

WHITBY POLICE Files go missing.

Drink driving police officer.

Shady deals. Teesside urban development corporation.

Rapist Cop.

Pensions Cuts.

Ashokkumar death.

Ashok critic of lancett.
Complaint about CPS and IPCC.

Frank cook ashok kumar are both dead.

The CPS received and sent to my trial documents which were NOT disclosed to my appeal court hearing,therefor discriminating against me,ruining my chances to remove my conviction,they falsified the summary papers,CPS received and delivered all testimonies to my trial,including the confessions of Dc 1309 alastair crawford and DC chaytor,so they Must have know I was an innocent man,that Forensics evidfence used against me was a complete Lie or are CPS too uneducated to realise what they sent Across,or Even bother to read case papers,if they had they would have seen that forensics evidence was compromised,witnesse used at my trial were staged,I was framed by Cleveland police officers and I can prove it with Evidence I have I call for my trail towards a conviction and police officers to be seriously investigated,this was indeed a case or interference with the course of justice purjury persecution and Misconduct in the official office they stand.
These videos are confessions that a Cleveland police detective dc 1309 Alastair crawford and kellam chaytor falsified Forensics evidence against me in one conviction in 47 years after 22 failed attemts to convict me was Quashed at teeside Crown Courts,these officers for statistics did alter forensics blood at middlehaven station bridge street west Middlesbrough,cleveland after the officers arranged to have blood taken from me at the station 4 miles away from the crime scene which was not secured at all,cleveland PCC. Andrew McDonald MP,iPCC,and Stephen hughes knows about this and two of them failed to report this and request a full investigation,this is a serious offence,16 witnesses can guarentee facts to this as they are the oFficers main witnesses,also to this was Purjury,interference with the course of justice making the witnesses lie at teeside Crown courts,making fgalse andf inacurate Summaries for an appeal court so I could not clear my name to get justice,I do have evidence of this crime which has been reported to an extent that all avenues have been covered Lawfully,I’ve written all the necessary information on a website to make transparency known,my problems started with opertion lancett enquiry when the then Chief of the same force had me assaulted in cells by 8 of his officers,in southbank station,I don’t think the original documents at my trial would be available as to cover up this police crime they will have lost all court documents its that Corrupt to have so many involved in this fraud,I’ve also implicated other people who were indirectly involved in this fruad who were willing participates to cover up these offences including my own freers barrister baker street middlesbrough,as you maybe aware that police after a conviction cannot change testimonies that convictd me,so this is the reason the summaries were altered for my appeal,again Fraud,to add more to this case I requested 42 times FOI requests to which cleveland police refused to comment on FOi requests for information I already had,that was a test,complaints were made to FOI in which illegally my requests were suspended,they were all out of time too,again illegal,civilians took blood from me at the station,also illegal,they lost the CCTV footage when I made a request for this footage the police sent a letter saying Forensics evidence does not have security,its not covered with CCTV footage,its didn’t exsist,it never exsisted which again is another Criminal offence by an un-professional service at that station,as you can guess the only way of prosecuting these criminals is to take civil action,but since All recorded 23 un-convicted offences were sent out to my employers since 2002 I have no income,also an offence,yet Cleveland police never sent Any of the 22 arrests to scotland yards main computer also committing another offence of Fruads to show that harrassment Persecution was to the extreme in my case. neil scott palister ave brambles farm middlesbrough
My youtubes of officers confession that he was un-trained to handle forensics evidence and cleveland police who had No security to stop officers altering forensics evidence at 5 stations.



My cases.


Neil scott FOI requests.

Cleveland police fruads.

How did Ray Mallon get away with ADMiTTING 14 Crimes as a police Chief ,visited by Tony Blair as Mayor. CASH FOR HONOURS.


Published by: No cctv. Detective held blood.

I've been convicted of a crime I DID Not do, With one conviction in 45 years,for burglary,After 23Attempts Failed to Convict me of Any Crime the Police in. #Teesside. Falsified the forensics Evidence against me and others,the detective Wrote how he Held the Forensics blood Evidence used in court to Convict me which is illegal. I Now Have Evidence of statements of Fact that the Cleveland police Detective DC1309 Did commit fruad by having the Blood Evidence at the police station when it was not supposed to be there,that he sent the only evidence of blood to forensics,which was linked to me by forensics,this is detrimental to the officer who admitted he sent,had hold of it,the only bloood sample linked to me,Against the Continuity of forensics whole Case,against me,the worst of it is 6 judges received it,CPS declared the written evidence in court,bmy defence seeen it,and did nothing about it,when I did telll them that my blood was Never found at any crime at all,all 16 witnesses for the prosecution. Did receive this evidence and desperately tried to cover this crime up,against all Laws in order to protect criminal eliments of the cleveland police,even my Own barrister keiran Rainey of fountain Solicitors was involved. VOTE FOR ME as mayor of Middlesbrough I have less on My CRB disclosure than the Mayor of Middlersbrough Convicted on blood that WAS falsified by tow detectives at cleveland police force I still have LESS convictions than Ray Mallon Mayor Of Middlesbrough and Chief Sean Price of Cleveland Police farce, The Two detectives have now implicated 16witnesses,for the prosecutions own evidence, The CPS The 5 judges used for over 15 court appearances Forensics who received the falsified blood IPCC who received up till now all the evidence of this Crime It is interference with the course of justice It is perjury Interference with witnesses In the Cleveland police efforts to Arrest me 23 times and convict me knowing of dc Crawfords admitted guilt,they salndered me publically as a delusional,paranoid,psychosis,Psychotic whistleblower,and failed in 22 of those arrests,all the arrests unconvited went on my CRB disclosures for ten years effecting directly my bus licence to drive,removed in 2008 in 2009 the burglary allegation was made against me,in 2011 the guilty verdict came from a jury,after ten minutes,they took away my bus licence until 2013,then after an altercation with DVLA Ithis Psychotic bus driver got his Bus licence back,as No evidence of being psychotic or any other words used by this corrupt authourity was found on any medical records as it shows a mass conspiracy to defruad,the justice system,using 16 witnesses,6 Top QC judges,CPS,doctors,Psychologists,and I can prove every bit of it,, Bigger than hackgate or the Leveson enquiry. No cctv. Detective held blood.

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