ive Asked you a Question #Teesside

Wednesday 08 october 2014.

Tom has replied,the Only one to do so,in this whole Corrupt Authority.
Thanks Tom Blenkinsopp MP

This is what his Email Stated.

Tom Blenkinsop Enquiries

To ‘Neil Scott’
Tue, Oct 7, 2014 09:56 BST
Dear Mr Scott,

Thank you for your email regarding Cleveland Police. Having checked your
address, now that it has been supplied to me, I can see that you are in fact
a constituent of Andy Macdonald MP in Middlesbrough.

(But mcdonaldMP already knows about this and Won’t act to request A Full investigation into it)

Due to Parliamentary Protocol I am unable to deal with this matter on your
behalf, and I have therefore copied your email to his Senior Caseworker who
I am sure will make contact with you to try and resolve the matter.

With all best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Blenkinsop MP
MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland

Please direct all correspondence to:
Harry Tout House
6-8 Wilson Street
Guisborough TS14 6NA
01287 610878

Website: http://www.tomblenkinsop.comTwitter: @tomblenkinsop
What is the job of a Senior Case Worker,of an MP or is it a police matter senior Caseworker,just a thought.

STILL NO Reply from this MP For. #Redcar and. #Cleveland MP.

Forensics fabricstion is supposed to be a Crime,what will you do with this information given to you,Abuse it,or get it fully investigted,someone in guisborough hacked my accounts before now so I’m telling you to check the facts of the £50,900 Burglary conviction advertised on 23march 2009,the court documents were Flawed with inconsistancies,judicial Fruad,its all should be an internal Police Investigation,requested by me to you and other MP’s in cvleveland. Will you act to get it investigated or just ignore it like others have done.

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 21:45 BST enquiries wrote:

>Many thanks for writing to me.
>. Well let’s hope he has something else to Ignore. Dated 06 October 2014. 22•37 pm.

Past history of events. Re: cleveland Police fruads
From enquiries
Fri, Sep 19, 2014 15:18 BST
Many thanks for writing to me.

Your e-mail has been received. Please note that we currently have a
backlog on e-mails and letters which have been received in the office and
we will endeavour to deal with them as soon as possible. E-mails are dealt
with in the same manner and with the same level of importance as all other

At Least you Answered Quicker than the ClevelandPCC Barry Coppinger.

There is a strict Parliamentary protocol which states that MP’s may only
deal with enquiries and casework on behalf of their own constituents.

Redcar is part of the Cleveland Constitution yes,which is where I live in Cleveland.

Please ensure that you have included your name, full postal address,
contact telephone number and any relevant reference numbers.

*Unfortunately unless this information is received we will not be able to
progress your correspondence.*

Best wishes.

Tom Blenkinsop

MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland

Constituency telephone: 01287 610878

Constituency office: 6-8 Wilson Street, Guisborough, TS14 6NA Its a Simple Question.Tom Blenkinsop.MP for Redcar and cleveland.

cleveland Police fruads
From Neil Scott
Fri, Sep 19, 2014 15:18 BST

My first Question to him,

Do you think its Lawfull to stop an investigation internally into Forensics fruads,the Pcc Barry Coppinger and MP Andrew Mcdonald won’t Request one,
this is evidence against a Cleveland police detective who Wrote down in his statement for a burglary Trial,he HELD,examined,Sent Forensics blood listed as (S/G4) Evidence to weatherby Labs,From Middlehaven station Middlesbrough,when 16 of His CPS Witnesses at My Trial Said that at No Time did S/G4 Blood evidence,go into Middlehaven station Middlesbrough,this was part of the Whole Continuity Case against me,at Teesside Crown Courts. Can you remind the MP and PCC that’s its there Duty to Request investigations into Criminal activities by officers in there charge.

You see its ok For Public Servants like Sultan allam,Ray Mallon,Sean Price,Jimmy of Watson woodhouse,to be Paid Checks of. £500,000 For ONE false Arrest,After its cost teesside 25 million to get these servants into Jail,but they Won’t invesdtigate my Circumstances and the cases Surrounding Forensics Frauds by Police on Teesside.


Published by: No cctv. Detective held blood.

I've been convicted of a crime I DID Not do, With one conviction in 45 years,for burglary,After 23Attempts Failed to Convict me of Any Crime the Police in. #Teesside. Falsified the forensics Evidence against me and others,the detective Wrote how he Held the Forensics blood Evidence used in court to Convict me which is illegal. I Now Have Evidence of statements of Fact that the Cleveland police Detective DC1309 Did commit fruad by having the Blood Evidence at the police station when it was not supposed to be there,that he sent the only evidence of blood to forensics,which was linked to me by forensics,this is detrimental to the officer who admitted he sent,had hold of it,the only bloood sample linked to me,Against the Continuity of forensics whole Case,against me,the worst of it is 6 judges received it,CPS declared the written evidence in court,bmy defence seeen it,and did nothing about it,when I did telll them that my blood was Never found at any crime at all,all 16 witnesses for the prosecution. Did receive this evidence and desperately tried to cover this crime up,against all Laws in order to protect criminal eliments of the cleveland police,even my Own barrister keiran Rainey of fountain Solicitors was involved. VOTE FOR ME as mayor of Middlesbrough I have less on My CRB disclosure than the Mayor of Middlersbrough Convicted on blood that WAS falsified by tow detectives at cleveland police force I still have LESS convictions than Ray Mallon Mayor Of Middlesbrough and Chief Sean Price of Cleveland Police farce, The Two detectives have now implicated 16witnesses,for the prosecutions own evidence, The CPS The 5 judges used for over 15 court appearances Forensics who received the falsified blood IPCC who received up till now all the evidence of this Crime It is interference with the course of justice It is perjury Interference with witnesses In the Cleveland police efforts to Arrest me 23 times and convict me knowing of dc Crawfords admitted guilt,they salndered me publically as a delusional,paranoid,psychosis,Psychotic whistleblower,and failed in 22 of those arrests,all the arrests unconvited went on my CRB disclosures for ten years effecting directly my bus licence to drive,removed in 2008 in 2009 the burglary allegation was made against me,in 2011 the guilty verdict came from a jury,after ten minutes,they took away my bus licence until 2013,then after an altercation with DVLA Ithis Psychotic bus driver got his Bus licence back,as No evidence of being psychotic or any other words used by this corrupt authourity was found on any medical records as it shows a mass conspiracy to defruad,the justice system,using 16 witnesses,6 Top QC judges,CPS,doctors,Psychologists,and I can prove every bit of it,, Bigger than hackgate or the Leveson enquiry. No cctv. Detective held blood.

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