#Teesside #MIDDLESBROUGH MAN.Its About me Neil Scott of brambles farm,persecuted with 23 false arrests by Cleveland Police officers lost 22Cases,With only ONE conviction in 47 years,one conviction for burglary and that was falsified based on blood the detective held, because they couldnt convict me for any other offence for over ten years,ALL 23 Arrests went on my CRB disclosure to employers for 15 years, stopping me working as a Bus+Coach driver and only one was a conviction shows Cleveland Police Constabulary UK abused the CRB disclosure Data,Forensics and the Judicial service

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This is neil scott of Middlesbrough to tell you a bit about my case,Cleveland police tried and tried,but did not succeed,even Now with one conviction ,there worried,if you don’t do anything wrong you cannot be punished,or so I thought,all stopped me working,how can that be,because of a Criminal Mayor Ray Mallon,Zero tolerance pilot scheme given to him aftert he admitted 16 offences against Children,Females,and other Vulnerable people in society,and he represents the society,a public figure,who Failed at everything he was given over ten years he had used aginst me by police officers 23 false arrests,use of Zero tolerance,Abuses of Data,CRB disclosure,I blame this Nut Job Mayor,for everything I’ve been through,he has abused his position to the point Everyone involved in his underhanded tactics and those now implicated I’m a FRuad Forensics Fabrication on. #Teesside. #Middlesbrough. Follow me on Twitter.

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